About Me

In love with the planet and curious about the world around me since my childhood days, I had the chance to grow up in close contact with nature which deeply instilled in me values of respect and preservation of the environment. Unfortunately, I discover that I was also trapped in a world where mankind has been, and still is, killing/destroying our beloved planet and its natural environment. In this contradictory world, I’ve faced lot of difficulty finding my place, so I tried to escape this reality through travel, and through the experiences and encounters that it brings.

Obsessed by the movement and seeking for physical challenges, I finally get my degree in physiotherapy, allowing me to promote both for the benefit of health. Thanks to my practice, my travels and my life experiences, and having my mind always centered around the health and well-being of our Earth, I’ve improved my knowledge and developed a passion for many things: adventure, photography, sports, ecology, travel, survival, pollution, spirituality, consumption, video editing, biodiversity, climate, functions of the human body, etc… I discover that the difficulty makes me growing up, I see my mind open and becoming aware of certain things. My ways of perceiving, thinking, consuming and living are changing. I am also trying to change my way of traveling: more responsible, sports-centered and in contact with nature, which raises some questions and contradictions.

All this allows me to learn a lot about others, about me and about our planet, but I can’t help but feel I belong to a world where Man has locked himself in a bubble, unable to see outside, the damage he caused over time. I have trouble understanding this gap because it’s the outside world that attracts me, that I enjoy exploring and that I want to protect.

I also share the impression of living in a contradictory way with a large part of the population. The contradiction is that I can see that the future of the planet is darkening and I want to do something to change that, but it seems to be inaccessible to me. Faced with inactions, destructive behaviors and lack of will in our governments, corporations and some, it’s very difficult to project ourselves in a bright future and so much easier to flee and take refuge in denial. I feel paralyzed and that gives me a great feeling of frustration and guilt. I may have adapted my ways of living, thinking and consuming to take care of the planet, but is it really enough?

Over time, this feeling of passivity and uselessness in front of the environmental crisis is worsening and I have more and more difficulties to contain this energy that seethes in me, until one day, something clicked. I decided to stop pretending and to stop lying to myself. I want to commit to what really matters. I don’t want to close my eyes, to convince myself that everything will be better tomorrow, and to wake up several years later in a world in perdition with the regret of not having acted. I made the decision to act, to be optimistic and to put all my will, all my strength, and all my energy at the service of the planet.

The project is born.