Help Me !

This project is a good starting point, but it will not be done alone. I will certainly undertake this adventure alone, but it’s with a desire to defend a cause much greater than me and which concerns us all. I would like to represent as many of you as possible and carry a powerful and shared common message.

That’s why I need your help. I sincerely hope that the project will be participatory, so don’t hesitate: whether it is by sharing the project, encouraging or supporting me, giving me tips that you think useful, guiding me with equipment, suggesting ways of traveling with the constraints that I fixed myself, or anything else you think that could help me on this journey. Any help will be welcome.

Having already been questioned on financial participation, I have yet to gather a more informed perspective on the probable expenses of the project to estimate the extent of help I would need in funding. However, any information about second-hand sale, loan, or the donation of material and/or equipment may interest me, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

I will provide a list of ideas, key points, necessary materials, objectives to achieve, improvements and wishes concerning the project. I will update it them regularly, so that you will be able to participate with your opinions, suggestions and advice. You can send them to me by email or via Facebook.

Materials and equipment:

  • Equipped bicycle, helmet + tool kit / repair parts.
  • Kayak + paddles, lifejackets and watertight can(s) + sail.
  • Tent + camping necessities.
  • Maps / Compass ? + satellite phone and GPS.
  • Camera and tripod + Solar or ecologic charger + strap and carabiners.
  • Drone? (Constraints: practical, powerful, minimalist and solid).
  • Stock of food easily transportable, energetic, caloric and not cumbersome.
  • First aid kit.
  • Simple, functional, and easy-to-use fishing rod.
  • Survival Knife.
  • Pepper spray(s).
  • Water bottles / water bag + filter and purifying tablets.
  • Clothes.
  • Binoculars?

To improve / develop:

  • Press Visibility: Local Newspapers? (Canada) / in France? / Proposals?
  • Visibility of the project on the internet and social networks.
  • Update my photo and video equipment.


  • Possibilities to subscribe to a newsletter to follow the adventure?
  • Link to map to track my position in real time?
  • Need a GPS distress beacon?
  • On what rhythm (km/day) floor for the bike and kayak part?
  • What do you think about fishing during the trip? In contradiction with the project? if I only practice it to answer a necessity in case of lack of food.


  • Exchanges with people and sharing “good” practices during the crossing (?)
  • Interview of those who are trying to fight against the ecological crisis or who suffer from it.
  • Represent / assist sports associations, Parasports, ecological …
  • Convert / transform kilometers traveled (in the form of financial aid or other forms) for a cause / association.
  • Speaking for and defending the project with newspaper articles, travel blogs…
  • Use and promote eco-friendly objects and equipment.
  • Find sponsors and financing.


  • Realization of a documentary film of the expedition.
  • Realization of small advice videos after the trip.

To follow the project on social networks and keep you informed of its evolution, you can find it here (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram).