The Project

I think that the environmental and climatic crisis where we are going through is partly due to the distance that exists between Man and Nature. We locked ourselves up and built a fence between ourselves and our own environment, to the point of losing this proximity to our natural environment. So, it’s impossible to realize the fragility and beauty of this environment or the damage caused by our activities, lifestyles and behaviors. This makes it difficult for us to feel directly concerned and to adapt our ways of thinking, of living and of consuming. With this distance, we tend to downplay the current urgency or simply ignore the problem or its severity.

This is why the project’s primary goal is to restore this lost proximity. I want to be a link, a coordinator, between Man and his environment, and to become an ambassador of the Planet and Nature: to be a messenger, a defender, a witness, an informant. I want to advocate sustainable use of resources and stewardship of the environment. For this purpose, the project is built around 3 main objectives:

  • SENSITIZE / EDUCATE: inform, convey, give information and denunciate.
  • INSPIRE EMOTIONS AND EMPATHY: give the possibility to open one’s eyes, confront reality, awaken curiosity and create emotions.
  • CREATE AWARENESS OF THEIR RESPONSIBILITY: make react, guide, create awareness, inspire reactions, decide to act, be at the center of change, give birth to vocations and encourage people to take stand.

This project will revolve around major themes such as ecology, environmental crisis, energy transition, society, pollution, climate and nature. It will also cover topics of interest such as travel, health, exploration, transportation, adventure, sport, self-overtaking, survival. It will also attempt to provide help and advice for the ecological and environmental transition. Finally, this project will also allow me to promote the eco-responsible trip, through adventures where I will try to get closer to nature, highlight the environmental problems and apply the suggested sustainable and responsible tips. It will also give me the opportunity to promote sports activities as an alternative to polluting transportation and / or the unhealthy sedentary lifestyle that people today are unfortunately accustomed to.

All that is fine, but concretely what does it mean?

In concrete terms, “Open Your Wild” will be composed of two interconnected parts: the main part of the project will take the form of eco-responsible sports adventures in contact with nature. It will be the support of a second part, which will take place during the preparation of the first one. It will take form on social networks and will try to provide and spread tools, alternatives, advice and solutions in favor of the ecological transition, while suggesting ways to live, consume and move in a more responsibly and sustainably. Through the preparation of this adventure, the project will invite you to participate and give your opinion, suggestions and advice and to share your experience, with the desire to achieve a solemn, sincere and coherent eco-responsible travel project.

The main part of the project will be based on travelling through countries, territories or geographical areas. The itinerary will be guided by a double objective: cross natural preserved environments and / or cross natural environments suffering or destroyed by the hand of Man. The aim is to report the beauty and the fragility of these natural environments and denounce some practices and behaviors.

On my way, I will take the opportunity to highlight some environmental problems, while trying to give voice to those who are trying to fight against the ecological crisis or who suffer from it.

These explorations will be done in autonomy, in contact with nature and as far as possible off the beaten track. A particular concern will be given to the preservation of the environment crossed, with a desire to have the smallest environmental impact.

For this reason, I want to achieve sports performances, so I will travel only through physical and sports activities therefore promoting sustainable and responsible travelling, and a healthy way of life.

I will also prioritize eco-friendly and sustainable equipment and / or second-hand and non-polluting equipment.

I will put more emphasis on making eco-friendly decisions/choices by giving the same attention to the means and ways I travel, consume and live throughout my adventures.

All this will be shared on social networks through regular posts, pictures and videos, with the final goal to realize a documentary film.

“Open Your Wild” is at first a declaration of love to the Planet, I certainly have many ambitions but I also wish to keep my feet on the ground and remind myself not to rush. That’s why the primary goals are simple. So I hope that the project will promote eco-responsible travel and the practice of sports. I wish it provides solutions to the environmental problem, conveys alternatives, tips and advice to live more harmoniously our planet, and that it gives the opportunity to everybody to share and spread his opinions and advice, and lot more. I don’t pretend to be the ultimate example of the perfect ecologist, but I try to help and contribute in the best way that I know how. I dream of seeing my project grow and evolve to have a real and lasting impact in the future, but First I will fully commit to the 1st step of the project: “Canada Across Water” and throw myself into it.

The project can’t be undertaken without strong and clear values ​​and commitments. Therefore, during my adventures, I commit myself to:

  1. Preserve and respect the nature and the environment crossed:
    > Mostly use eco-friendly and sustainable equipment and tools, and / or second-hand and if possible non-polluting.
    > I will give the same attention to the means and ways I travel, consume and live.
    > By leaving the most minimal environmental footprint (zero-waste objective, leave as little trace as possible of my passage).
  2. Achieve physical and sports performance: using exclusively physical and sports activities as way of travel (walking, cycling, kayaking, swimming, running …).
  3. Perform my crossings in complete autonomy without direct external help (except accidents / emergencies).
  4. Respect the territories, traditions, customs, rules and possible encounters with people and animals.
  5. To spread honest and sincere images: of the reality, of the realization of my adventures, the difficulties met, the meetings, the beauty and / or the alteration of the environment crossed…
  6. Denounce polluting, destructive behaviors and practices; encourage sustainable, planet-loving behaviors and practices in favor of the energy transition.